ReliefTek Roller

Roll in a fixed position
No more rolling across the room, struggling to support your body weight and no more crab walking. Rolling in a fixed location allows users to control the amount of applied body weight and roll in small and/or congested areas. If you have enough room for a yoga mat, you have enough room for the ReliefTek Roller.
Traditional foam rollers pick up dirt and oils up from the ground that it rolls on. With the ReliefTek Roller, the foam roller is raised off the ground eliminating any unwanted floor debris attaching to the roller. You can roll anywhere you have a flat surface (grass, dirt, etc).
Free Roll
The small gap between the roller and the floor removes any unwanted clothing or hair jams. Whether it is your shirt tail, hair or hoodie, users are free from anything getting caught under the roller.
Drop-In Cradle
Whatever your preference is, the drop-in cradle allows any user to use the foam roller that fits them. Even experienced users still have those tender days when they need to take a step down and need a softer touch.
Removable Support Shaft
For advanced users who require a more finite pressure point, they can use the harder surface of the aluminum support shaft to get those hard to reach areas.