Rollga foam rollers have a unique patented design that cradles your body for quick results with more comfort and ease by bypassing the bone structure, such as the spine, shoulder blades, shins and hips, to unlock hard to access trigger points. Rollga also allows for muscle displacement to ensure the muscle fibers, and your nerves, are guided and protected from the damaging shift and pressure.

Ordinary foam rollers can be very uncomfortable. They hurt from pinching, they can leave ugly bruises and they force users to flex their bodies into undesirable positions in order to use them. On the back, foam rollers do not reach deep enough, so traditionally we had to turn the roller vertical and rock side-to-side. But muscle fibers run vertically, and users need to roll through trigger points, not rock on them. At 18 inches, Rollga is big enough to treat your whole body and small enough to fit in your backpack.

5-IN-1 PROPRIETARY SHAPE (equivalent to 3 different size rollers & 2 therapy balls in ONE intentionally unique shape) The only roller with a SPINAL ALIGNMENT ZONE - "Gets past and around the Bones" better than any other roller.