ReliefTek Complete Package (High, Medium & Low Density Rollers)

Revtek Roller

  • Like any other exercise, you learn to walk before you can run. With the Complete Package, you will have a complete set of foam roller densities allowing you to progress from one level to the next.
  • Not all your muscles have the same sensitivity and require less pressure at times and more pressure at other times. Even as you advanced to the harder densities, you will find yourself reaching for the softer foam rollers on those days you feel sore and need a softer touch.

Complete Unit Contents:

    • (1) Stationary Cradle
    • (1) Deep Tissue Massage Shaft
    • (1) 18 x 6 inch High Density EPP Foam Roller
    • (1) 18 x 6 inch Medium Density EPE Foam Roller
    • (1) 18 x 6 inch Low Density EPE Foam Roller
    • (1) Carry Strap

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